Yayla Agro Gıda Sanayi ve Nakliyat A.S. has been established in 1980 and since then, the company proceeds its development with an increasing scale.  Aiming and offering top quality and service in the agricultural sector carried our company to its deserved place among the best. Our company takes place in foreign market and local market -where we network through a dealer and retailer chain organized in 65 cities and retail stores in 80 cities with more than 20.000 points around Türkiye.

  Our foreign trade department is located in Mersin which is a portland in south part of Turkey and is significant in agricultural sector since it is the heart of agricultural business and connects global agricultural traders with  Turkish local market. Although we are recently active in foreign trade, we are already in touch with  different parts of the world to be able to get  the best quality products.  Besides we offer our high quality products with competitive prices and prompt shipment facilities throughout the year. 

  With the contribution and studies of our sophisticated quality management team, we assure to meet the requirements of Inco Terms quality standarts and TSE ISO 9000 and ISO 22000. Our factory has annual process capability of 125.000 ton at its certified 35.000 m2 plant in Saray/Ankara and we also feed our rice supplies from our imports and paddy plants which are processed in rice milling factories in the Thracia region and in Çankırı.  

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