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Our company, Yayla Agro Food Industry and Transportation Inc., has been making the best efforts to achieve quality and good service in the sector since its establishment. We have improved the quality standards of both our company and the sector and reached to our well-deserved position.

We servewith a value-added product range through our facilities that keep customer satisfaction and needs ahead and our supply chain that adds value to our end consumers and our business partners.

Using state-of-the-art technology at our high-capacity facilities, we make high-quality and sustainable production. Our plants do not produce any waste harmful to the environment and our production process takes the necessary precautions for the protection of our future and nature.

We have established a network of 65 dealers in the domestic market while presenting our products to our customers at more than 60.000 retail points including 81 national stores.Our company continues its activities in the international market with a special department established for such markets.

Yayla Agro, a company in search of quality operation in every product and channel, has been entitled to hold all documents and certifications that should be possessed by the companies in the sector such as Food codex and TSE documents. Apart from these documents, our company, which is sensitive to the sector, has obtained documents such as ISO 9000, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS, Halal Food certificate. We haveproved with such certificates that our production process meets the food production standards of the European Union, a market our company strives to access.

Yayla Agro continues its operation with an ever-growing desire for being a world-scale brand and a source of pride for our country. 

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