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The World’s Largest Pilaf

In the 30th International Mengen Chef’s and Tourism Festival, The Chefs Association of Turkey cooked “the world’s largest Mengen pilaf” to get into the Guinness Book of Records.

40 chefs started to work at 05:00 a.m. for the pilaf with meat to be cooked in 4 tons of giant pot. For preparing the pilaf 500 kg of oil, 100 kg of peas, 150 kg of meat, 250 kg of mushrooms, 100 bundle of  dill, 13 kg of black pepper, 5 kg of allspice, 50 kg of salt and 1.5 tons of rice were used. The pilaf cooked in a specially made giant cooker was cooked for about 5 hours.

The giant pot was lifted by a crane in front of Guinness officials and the weight was measured. The food in the pot was measured as 3 thousand 150 kilograms. Kosta Rika's record of 1360 kilograms of pilaf was broken.