Yayla Pulses is your solution partner in B2B.

We are at your service with our expertise in Help, Food, Ramadan and Employee packages!

Private Label

  • With your own brands and designs, we can produce the products you want in Private Label (PL) in grammage and packaging.
  • We can also help you with your design and packaging preferences, as well as your ready-made designs and the products you want with your brand.

Help Pack, Food Pack, Food Pack and Employee Pack

  • We can be your Professional Solution Partner for helping you. Do not get tired of helping!
  • Ramadan branch, help branch, company working branch, etc. Experiences with your demands We will deal with you, Do not tire yourself.
  • You should only identify the products (pulses, tea, sugar, oil, tomato paste, etc.) you wish to be placed into the Helpline.
  • Let's bid for the parcels you requested with high experience in terms of purchasing and quality.
  • I want to deliver the desired urine to you by packing in our ready-to-go colique facilities