President Message

The world and the sectors are undergoing a great change and transformation. Knowledge and technology now stand out as the most powerful values. Similarly, consumption habits and consumer demands are undergoing major changes. Companies that evaluate these two changes correctly and develop appropriate strategies will be one step ahead of their competitors and become indispensable brands.

The best known example of this is the case of Apple and Samsung, which have filled up the vacancy of Nokia as it begins to be forgotten in the market. As the Nokia brand, which fails to combine customer needs and technology, loses its market share, Apple and Samsung have read it correctly and have become the leading brands in the sector.

We, as Yayla Agro, are working hard to be one of the companies that manage this transformation with our R&D and market researches. We are shaping our production, supply chain and product range for the future with a view to add value to all our customers. We work hard to add value to our customers by improving our healthy, delicious, natural and value-added product range day by day.

With this consciousness, we set our target as “To provide our customers with the products that we safely consume in our own homes through channels that all consumers can easily reach in the fastest, most productive and reasonable conditions,to increase the standards of the sector and to be the pioneer and leading enterprise of the sector in the world.”